These are the things we do Alot.


Networking Services

Networks for Users:
• Ethernet Wiring – Cat5 to Cat8
• Fiber Termination
• IP Based Device Implementation, ip4 ip6 VPN’s
• Distance Bridging, Point to Point and Multi-Point
• Network Design, VOIP, Unified Communications


Rural And Urban 4G & 5G Data Services.

Most of us Are within miles of a cell tower, Great 4G LTE and 5G Coverage and service is much faster than many local internet service providers and satellite companies. This means quick affordable service for most people in Northern California.


IoT (internet of things) in Farming

Applications of IoT in farming technologies considered are as follows:
• Farm Management Information System
• Smart Logistics and Warehousing
• Smart Irrigation and Greenhouses
• Livestock Monitoring
• Waste Technology

Making a Smart Site

The hardest Decision about making a site smart is the base system software and if its compatible with the style, performance and purpose of the site. Compatible Hardware platforms is the next consideration with many of the devices being platform specific.

The Most important hardware choice is the Network and Networking Hardware and setting hi standards for WiFi and Ethernet now will make the integration of new IoT devices and the next 10 years more headache free..

Apple Based Systems

Apple Devices and software have been tested by apple, things certified by apple to intergrate almost always Do!

Windows Based Systems

PC Based Computing Technology includes any Hardware and Software that is designed to run with the Windows Operating System. unlike Apple, Windows compatible devices have designed to be non compatible with other devices an example of this is cameras, some have firmware or hardware that makes the devices incompatible. 

Android Based Systems

Chrome / Android Today's new devices are usually compatible, quality of the manufacture is usually the kicker. In This Market some of the devices are awesome and some so cheap they are scarry.

Five Spheres. One Mission.

Our Mission is to provide Great Services and Support to our clients in Northern California. We accomplish this using the Five Spheres.






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Service Area

We Provide On-Site Service to Solano and Yolo Counties and select areas of Napa and Sacramento Counties. Remote Services can be established to anyone with an adequate High Speed Internet connection to anywhere in the world, However we prefer clients in Northern California.


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