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TOP 4 Security Rules



use Great anti-virus

We are Partnered with Comodo and Malwarebytes and have an Awesome Hybrid Solution.

Protect The Network

Use true managed security device's / router's and switch's, and keep them managed. Prevent all Unauthorized Access

Up to date software

Updating Software is Very Important, especially Operating Systems  as  developers  fix and repair known issues

Know your Provider

We Service Napa, Solano and Yolo Counties. We are people  you can look us in the eye and shake our hands .. No Call Center Here



The lack of maintenance is the most common cause of  security risk to  residential and business client's, we catalog your technology and the maintenance performed on each, then provide client's with monthly and quarterly reports.

Service By George manages residential and small business IT the same way that a Fortune 500 company would manage its global IT Infrastructure. The end result is that we're able to keep operating costs down while increasing IT performance.

Proactive Maintenance

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* Our Proactive Maintenance Clients Never Experience Downtime, Except for Scheduled Maintenance.